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Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System

Product _pcs 900_largeThe Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System is the 3D extension of a Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System. The contractor can easily switch from grade and slope (2D) mode to 3D mode on each side of the screed. The PCS400/PCS900 combination provides the customer the choice between sonic sensors, slope sensor, contact sensors, 3D slope and 3D elevation control.

PCS900 allows contractors to pave in a stakeless environment. This saves time and effort of setting and adjusting stringlines and increases truck productivity by eliminating the need to drive around stringlines. The user loads design data into the Trimble CB430 Control Box and the machine automatically keeps the screed on design.

On new roads, base material must be laid accurately to increase the material yield and profitability of the ensuing asphalt or concrete laying operation. By paving the base to design correctly the first time, contractors can save on the cost of rework and additional material.

On resurfacing jobs, road-waves can be reduced or eliminated by paving in 3D to a smooth design, allowing the contractor to gain their rideability bonus. Some jobs may call for a combination of a Trimble 3D milling and 3D paving solutions to build to specification and maximize profits.