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Trimble GCS900 UTS Grade Control System

Product _gcs 900_uts _largeThe Trimble GCS900 UTS is an ideal grade control solution for contractors who need the flexibility to move from site to site frequently, work in confined spaces, or perform high-precision grading with their dozer or motorgrader. A Trimble SPS930 or SPS730 Universal Total Station allows contractors who operate independently or frequently move between projects to move both the dozer and the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System from site to site quickly and easily. For jobs where GPS is not a viable technology, such as in urban canyons, heavily wooded areas, or on job sites with numerous overhead obstructions such as overpasses, the total station offers a 3D grading solution.

Using the Trimble SPS930 or SPS730 Universal Total Station, the exact position, accurate cross slope, and heading of the blade is measured. This is especially advantageous for complex design surfaces such as super-elevation grading tasks. The on-board computer uses this position information, and compares it to the design elevation to compute cut or fill to grade. This information then is displayed on the Trimble CB430 screen in the necessary format, whether in plan, profile, cross section view, or text. Additionally, the cut/fill data is passed to the GCS900 lightbars, providing additional visual guidance to the operator for up/down to grade and right/left to a defined alignment. In addition to support for a motorgrader system, the GCS900 UTS system can also be used on a dozer, where it can be operated in either indicate or automatic mode.