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Trimble GCS600 Grade Control System For Excavators

Product _gcs 600_excavator _largeThe Trimble GCS600 Hex Grade Control System is a flexible, economical, and easy to use grade control system designed exclusively for excavators to assist in excavation, trenching, grading and profile work. The GCS600 uses the Trimble AS450 Angle Sensor, Trimble AS460 Dual Axis Sensor and the Trimble LC450 Laser Catcher. These components measure the relationship between the body, boom, stick and bucket to determine where the cutting edge is and should be, thus directing the operator to the desired depth and slope. This advanced system allows the operator to know exactly where the bucket is at all times, without the need for any guesswork.
The system also features the Trimble CB410 Control Box to give you a powerful range of features specifically designed for unobstructed vision and in-cab excavator control. The backlit LCD graphical display shows detailed system information and real-time diagrams and graphics for easy viewing and operation.

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